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Michael Cervieri is the founder of the Future Journalism Project and an Emmy Award winning producer. He has taught Internet and Mobile communication technologies at both the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and the university’s School of International and Public Affairs. (Twitter | Google+)

Jihii Jolly is founding+managing editor of the FJP. In other lives, she’s a video producer at EdLab, an educational media, design and research unit at Teachers College, and a journalist with special interests in religion, culture and news literacy. She’s a proud graduate of SUA, a tiny Californian university founded upon Buddhist values, as well as the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. (Twitter | Website)

Mariana Garces is an FJP contributor & social media intern, by way of New Hampshire.  (Twitter | Website)

Michael Mott is an FJP contributor, by way of the west coast. He’s currently interning at The Seattle Times, where he makes data-based interactive news and finds stories in spreadsheets. He’s a graduate of Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, where he learned to visualize data, produce multimedia stories and build website. He has also interned at The New York Times in the User Experience and Product Research Group.  (Twitter | Website)

Past & Occasional Contributors include: Dave Burdick, Chikodi Chima, Krissy Eliot, Gabrielle Ewing, Daedalus Howell, Blake Hunsicker, John Johnston, Kathleen Kim and Lora Kolodny.


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