Comparing The New Aggregators: Flipboard, Pulse, Zite, Float…

At the PaidContent Advertising conference last week, Flipboard CEO Mike McCue talked about Flipboard’s business model, relationship with publishers and the evolving world of content consumption across platforms and devices. 

I just finished editing the above video.

PaidContent’s Amanda Natividad put a handy chart together comparing some of the leading news reader apps on the market today. For each company, the chart compares price, how content is aggregated, official content partners (if any), social networks used as content sources, ability for users to customize the experience, platforms supported, funding, and what makes each one special.

For consumers, there are now so many of these next-generation RSS readers that it can be daunting to keep them straight. But they have distinct differences. Some curate content with an algorithm, while others use a team of editors. Some have made partnerships with publishers, while some are charging ahead without them. And there are other differences too, in areas like customization, sharing and price. To see how some of the new aggregators stack up, check out our chart

- Amanda Natividad,

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