The News: NBC News hired Chelsea Clinton as a “full-time special correspondent”. She joins other NBC hires such as Jenna Bush (GW’s daughter) and Luke Russert (son of former Meet the Press host Tim). MSNBC, of course, hired Meghan McCain (daughter of John) for her insights on the presidential elections.

Possible Takeaway: If you want a news gig, have a famous father?

At Salon, Glenn Greenwald writes aboutΒ America’s Meritocratic, Watchdog News Media:

We all owe our gratitude to NBC News for single-handedly correcting the shameful, long-standing exclusion from our media discourse of the views of young, journalistically accomplished heirs and heiresses to political power and great fortune.

Meanwhile, Brian Stelter of the New York Times gathers the day’s reactions to NBC’s hirings in a Storify post.

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    It must be nice to have famous parents, while the rest of us try to scratch and claw our way to the top.
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    Viola: Dear Media, I admire your passion to always keep the “higher-ups” and even your own peers honest. However, if you...
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    What I take away from this: I will never get a job as a news broadcaster because I am a nobody… Yay me.
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    Yes! Get it Chelsea.
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    Obviously, nepotism is the only way to get into media. I should have totally taken that gig with Pacifica Radio to get...
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    I can’t forgive him for dropping lines like “My inside sources say the economy is a big concern for most people.” Really...
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    Cuki dolog, hogy igazi feministaként, nem vette fel a férje nevét, hanem megtartotta a sajátját!!! Meg az is, hogy a...
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