Doing News Right? The AP's New Licensing Venture →

The Associated Press, along with 28 other news organizations, launched NewsRight yesterday. The goal is license member content out to commercial aggregators.

Included in the service is an analytics suite that NewsRight’s creators says will let publishers understand what’s happening with their content. Via a NewsRight press release:

NewsRight will make it easy for publishers and third parties to access and use these data in editorial, marketing, advertising, public relations and other contexts involving the analysis of news events. Using the News Registry, a content measurement system developed at the Associated Press, NewsRight currently measures several billion impressions a month on news content from participating publishers. NewsRight participants and clients will receive real-time measurements about news patterns and how registered content is being used across digital platforms.

Over at Poynter, Rick Edmonds points out that NewsRight has competitors such as the older non-profit Copyright Clearance Center and the newer Attributor, but believes the move is putting the industry on track for a comprehensive paid digital content strategy:

Should NewsRight catch on big, as it founders hope, the industry will have in place a second leg to a paid digital content strategy. Paywalls and bundled print/digital subscriptions had a snowballing adoption curve in 2011 that will continue into this year. The New York Times metered model and its variations essentially ask heavy direct users of news websites to pay some of the cost of generating content.

NewsRight aims to apply the same strategy to aggregators, targeting those who make heavy (and commercial) use of content originated elsewhere. They are being asked to become payers rather than free riders.

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