Apple Releases Suppliers List, Global Working Conditions →

Earlier this week we noted that workers at Foxconn were threatening suicide.

Foxconn supplies companies like Apple, Microsoft and countless other everyday brands with components for computers, tablets and consoles, and we find it important to know what these companies are doing about the working conditions of those that make our gadgets.

While it’s PR control, Apple seems to be getting that message too.

Via The Next Web:

For the first time ever, Apple has released a list of its official suppliers on its supplier responsibility page. This is significant because Apple has previously been notoriously secretive about who supplies its components. For example, we usually have to wait for the teardowns of new products to see what kind of camera unit they’re using…

…In case you’re not familiar with the supplier responsibility page, it follows multiple subjects, including labor and human rights, worker health and safety, environmental impact and general ethics.

Over at the Wall Street Journal we learn that Apple’s audit of its suppliers found “108 facilities didn’t pay proper overtime wages and 93 facilities had records that indicated more than 50% of their workers exceeded the 60-hour work week. The audits also found 5 facilities had incidents of underage labor.”

The Journal also points out that 24 facilities conducted pregnancy tests and over one hundred were improperly handling hazardous chemicals.

Apple’s published its audit report here. Its supplier responsibility guidelines are here.

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