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—Data and Peer Production with Wikimedia's Dario Taraborelli

Data and Peer Production with Wikimedia’s Dario Taraborelli

I spoke with Dario Taraborelli, Senior Research Analyst at the Wikimedia Foundation, a few days ago. What interested me is a new open data and research infrastructure initiative Wikimedia is pursuing in order to put data in the hands of a wider audience.

What also interests me is how Wikimedia is implementing it: namely, by creating an online space for data consultations in order to really hear from data wranglers and journalists about what they’re looking for in an open data platform.

Dario talks about a number of initiatives Wikimedia is pursuing and resources it’s providing to do so. Here’s a hit list of sites he mentions if you’d like to explore:

Semantic Metadata

Geolocation Data

Pageview Data, Trending Topics, Real-time Edit Data

Wikimedia Research Hub

And, most importantly: the Wikimedia Foundation’s open data consultation.

Run Time: ~25:00

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