The Future is Shiny, Bright and One Giant Touch Interface

Corning, a specialty glass and ceramics manufacturer, follows up on the success of their 2011 YouTube hit, “A Day Made of Glass" with a new installment that tries to answer the question of what’s actually possible today in the world of touch interfaces.

Via Mashable:

Last year’s video… brought in over 17 million hits on YouTube and left many in awe of Corning’s interpretation of what’s possible with photovoltaic glass, LCD TV glass, architectural display and surface glass, among others.

However, many left comments on YouTube asking which technology is actually possible with today’s resources and pricing. This time around, though, new technologies and applications are highlighted, such as glass tablets, multitouch-enabled desks, solar panels, augmented reality, electronic medical records and anti-microbial medical equipment.

Run Time: ~10:00 (but worthwhile).

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