What's the etiquette on commenting on a colleague's post? →

A piece by FJP contributor, Dave Burdick, in which he raises some interesting questions (inspired by an exchange on Daily Camera) about commenting etiquette:

  • Do or should colleagues hold themselves to a different standard than the everyman commenter?
  • Is there a place for publicly commenting on a colleague’s style?
  • Is there a place for publicly commenting on a colleague’s accuracy?
  • Does it serve journalists better to be asked these questions publicly? 
  • Does it serve news consumers better? 

Read Dave’s piece, and then read the comments below it. There, another interesting question (among many) is raised by Ian Howell:

Another question to ask…is why a news website doesn’t curate their own comments section. It may be a human resources issue, as Laura referenced above, but the absence of an obvious “policy of community standards” on the website makes me wonder if any thought has been given to it? 

He then points to the NY Times comments policy, which moderates comments. 

Thanks for opening the discussion, Dave! 

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