Afrikaner Blood

Afrikaner Blood from Holland’s Elles van Gelderen and Ilvy Njiokiktjien has won the second annual World Press Photo Multimedia contest.

The documentary follows Afrikaner teenagers in South Africa as they attend a self-defense camp to learn how to defend themselves against the “black enemy.”

Via the British Journal of Photography:

Speaking to BJP ahead of the announcement, jury chair Vincent Laforet explains that the judges felt the winning work had “a squirm factor,” he says. “We were uncomfortable with the subject and what was being said. I, initially, had a negative reaction to it because I was so taken aback by, in effect, the power of the piece. But, when I saw it for the second time I realised that not only was it a very important piece, but also it was by far the single best produced piece in terms of nuance and restraint - they could absolutely have gone over the top, exaggerated things or make points a little bit more bluntly. Instead, there was a lot of subtlety. The piece was very well edited. It had a series of interviews prior to the indoctrination, and interviews after it.”

Run Time - 8:27

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