The Knight Media Digital Center at Berkeley has an alpha release for freeDive, a tool that turns Google spreadsheets into searchable databases.

Via the Knight Digital Media Center:

Imagine you have a spreadsheet of campaign contributions or crime statistics that you want to share. For years, you had to pay for a service or know how to code to build searchable databases of that information. You shouldn’t have to do that.

freeDive is a simple way for anyone make data searchable on the Web. The tool gives your users powerful tools to search and play with that data. 

You don’t need to program anything. We built a simple wizard that uses the Google Visualization API. It pulls data from a Google spreadsheet, builds a table and creates filters that users can interact with. freeDive then gives you an embeddable widget that you can paste in any Web page. 

And, if you can learn a few spreadsheet tricks, the world of real-time data is at your users’ fingertips. 

Built by Len De Groot and Scot Hacker, freeDive uses the Google Visualization API, Google Query Language and jQuery.

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