Inside the Wild, Wacky, Profitable World of Boing Boing →

It’s eccentric. It’s unprofessional. And it makes money. How four people who do exactly what they want run one of the most popular blogs on the planet.

Via Fast Company:

“Boing Boing is a holdover from a time when the best blogs were written by smart people who posted whatever was interesting to them,” observes Jonah Peretti, founder of BuzzFeed. Sure, there are still many such blogs around, but the blogosphere overall has changed radically, with the dominant players falling into recognizable categories — tech (Gizmodo, Engadget), gossip (TMZ, Gawker), politics (the Huffington Post, Politico) — and generally created by teams of professionals looking for growth and profits. “The new generation of postpersonal blogs,” Peretti adds, “are much bigger.”
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