Sixty-six percent (66%) of American Adults say they prefer reading a printed version of the newspaper, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey. Twenty-eight percent (28%) like reading the online version of their preferred paper instead.

66% Prefer Reading Print Newspaper To Online Version - Rasmussen Reports™

Rasmussen Reports just released a new report looks into the way people prefer to consume their news. They have more information on their site, but there is a paywall. Via Poynter. (via onaissues)

FJP: I’m caught in the language of this. For example, I prefer to do a lot of things — wear cozy pajamas at all times, eat ice cream for dinner, be the source of wit and wisdom at a party — but that doesn’t mean I actually do it. Since I don’t have access beyond the paywall I’d be interested to know how much of that 66% actually buys a newspaper. — Michael

(via onaissues)

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