Applications Open for the AP-Google Journalism and Technology Scholarship Program →

It’s early still but that doesn’t mean we can’t think ahead. And thinking ahead to the 2013-2014 academic year is what we’re going to do.

If you’re a journalism undergrad or grad student, the AP-Google Scholarship is offering six awards for $20,000 each. The deadline to apply isn’t until February 2013 but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a head start know.

This is especially true because much of the application require online portfolios and digital work so you have nine months to clean up, organize and put your best foot forward.

Via ONA:

The AP-Google Journalism and Technology Scholarship Program fosters new journalism skills in undergraduate and graduate students developing projects at the intersection of journalism and technology.

The program is targeted to individual students creating innovative projects that further the ideals of digital journalism. A key goal is to promote geographic, gender and ethnic diversity, with an emphasis on rural and urban areas.

Have you created original journalistic content with computer science elements? Are you thinking up new ways to tell a story with technology? Are you a “techie” who knows how to construct a journalistic story through multimedia? We’re looking for students pursuing studies at the crossroads of journalism, computer sciences and new media. If you’re on the cutting edge of digital media beyond the classroom, this scholarship is for you!

Application materials and requirements are available at the Online News Association.

To get a sense of what they might be looking for, take a look at this year’s winners.

As Google wrote on its blog when the winners were announced:

These students have big plans that range from producing hyperlocal data-driven stories, to developing open-source apps that allow for democratic news gathering and greater collaboration, to data visualization for current events and entertainment, to producing political news games and teaching journalists how to code.

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