School of Webcraft: CSS, JavaScript & HTML5 →

Mark your calendars: registration for this year’s School of Webcraft opens January 8. Created by Mozilla and open education project Peer 2 Peer University, courses will focus on tools and technologies that keep the Web open such as CSS, JavaScript and the burgeoning HTML 5.

Courses are free and run online for 6-10 weeks. More information is here, and registration over here.

A little more background:

The School of Webcraft is a joint partnership between Mozilla and Peer 2 Peer University dedicated to providing web developer training that’s free, open and globally accessible. Our peer-led courses are powered by learners, mentors and contributors like you. Our goal: make it easy for people around the world to gain skills and build careers using open web technology. (Learn more about the School of Webcraft’s vision and plan here.)

Participate, learn and bring new and updated programming Fu back to the newsroom.

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