Building Passionate Communities the Slashdot Way

For geeks of a certain age, Slashdot was a revelation. Founded in the late 90s, the site aggregated news and views about software, science, gadgets, tech policy and more, all under the umbrella of its tag line: “News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters.”

In a Web before social bookmarking and user generated content, Slashdot was (and still is) a rolling curation of the nerdiest news found online.

Behind all this was Slashdot’s creator, Rob Malda, who was known on the site as CmdrTaco, and his classmate at the time Jeff Bates.

But after fourteen years, thousands of posts and the sale of the site to (which later became Geeknet), Malda had enough and announced last fall that he was moving on. As he told me when we met at a conference two weeks ago, after years of doing the same thing it’s time to try something new.

That something new is Chief Strategist and Editor at Large for the Washington Post Company’s WaPo Labs, a team of technologists and journalists exploring new ways to create, work with and present information.

In this video though we focus on what Rob learned running Slashdot, and how to create and nurture passionate niche communities. The long and short of it is be authentic, follow your passions and an audience will follow.

You can view other videos with Rob here.

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