The Bombing of a Funeral Procession

Via the New York Times’ Watching Syria’s War Project:

Fighting has flared in the suburbs of Damascus, including in the restive town of Zamalka, where antigovernment activists said a videographer taped the funeral procession on Saturday of a man, Abdul Hadi al-Halabi, who was killed the day before. The video showed marchers carrying his body aloft and chanting, “Hey, Zamalka, long live your men and curse your traitors,” when suddenly an explosion ripped through the crowd. Its orange burst can be seen in the video, as can a man reflexively protecting his head as debris falls around him.

In its coverage, the Times does something important with its attempts at verification. Notably, it has a section called “Video in Context” and informs the reader about “What We Know” and “What We Don’t Know.”

Read through to see how they do it.

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