Huffington Post Readers Hate New Facebook Integration for Recommended Stories

A clash between data-driven story recommendations and and organic user experience is playing out on the pages of The Huffington Post, as the so-called Internet Newspaper unveils a new story recommendation engine powered by Facebook and built by Adaptive Semantics.

In an effort to drive user engagement, Huffpo may have stirred up the hornet’s nest instead.

According to ReadWriteWeb, “Reader comments range from confusion about the feature to distrust of anything associated with Facebook.”

One commenter wrote

I find it irritating that everything has to be so intensively personalized and baby-fed. I think I’m capable of navigating my way around a website and clicking on articles that interest me. I don’t need someone to pick articles for me. And, if a friend discovers something they think I might like, they can just email me.

So what’s all the fuss about?

On the front page now, “See Demi Moore in a Tiny Bikini,” and “Insane Video of Russian Teens Using a Homemade Bungee Cord.” What’s not to like, seriously?

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