Anonymous asked: do you look for outside contributing photographs? if so how does that work?

Hi there,

The simple answer is not so simple: yes and no.

If you take a look at our photography tag you’ll see that it’s a mixture of projects that come in a series (eg, an image from a slide show focused on a particular topic); or it’s related to a profile of a photographer; or we highlight a photography contest; and then sometimes it’s simply an amazing photograph.

In general, if you submit a photograph, we’ll promote it if it’s particularly newsworthy or part of a larger project. By larger project I mean something along the lines what I’m doing here (set 01), which is the beginning of a project on small examples (set 02) of urban decay in New York City.

In this case, you’d hit our Submit Page, upload a photo or a few, tell us what we’re looking at (eg, Michael Cervieri from the FJP is posting photographs from his scouting missions around NYC for a multimedia book on urban decay) and clearly link to the source so that we can go check it out.

Just to be clear, if you are working on a project we’d love to see and highlight it. So, remember our Submit Page.

In the meantime, check fotojournalismus, Photojojo and the Political Notebook’s photo of the day for Tumblrs who repeatedly come up on my dashboard with great images.

Obviously there are plenty more across different genres if you hit the Tumblr Explore page. — Michael

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