tart-pastry asked: I had a question about the “Browser Statistics” data visualization you posted earlier: Whichever way you look at it, would you say that the use of Chrome has steadily climbed from 2007-ish to the present? If yes, depending on the visualization, does the percentage vary? To my eyes, it looks like it’s hovering at the 36% range. Or, may be not.

Hi Ally,

I should have spelled things out more in the post but wanted people to look at it themselves and see how the information appears to change depending on how the chart is tilted.

For the yearly numbers I chose statistics from December of each year (except 2012 where I chose June). Chrome first makes its appearance in September 2008 with 3.1% market share. By December it rose to 3.6%. Afterwards, it looks like this:

  • 2009: 9.8%
  • 2010: 22.4%
  • 2011: 34.6%
  • 2012: 41.7%

Looking at what I posted though gives the viewer a sense that Chrome’s final number (41.7%) could actually be somewhere in the high 20s to low 30s (the lime colored on where we’re looking down at the chart), or even up in the 50s (the orange colored one where we’re looking up at the chart).

Like most things, perspective matters.

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