Linotype: The Film

If you’re in Hartford, CT this evening…

Youth Journalism International:

Exciting news! In a special collaboration this month, Youth Journalism International and the Mark Twain House & Museum will be showing Linotype: The Film, as a fundraiser for YJI and the museum on Thursday, July 26. 

Linotype: The Film, is a fascinating feature-length documentary filmed in part at the Twain House. It centers on the linotype machine used by printers for generations. It was an early rival of Mark Twain’s Paige Compositor, the machine that Twain believed would make him rich, but instead led him to financial ruin. Admission is by donation, with proceeds going to YJI and the Mark Twain House & Museum.

FJP: This does look pretty neat. Unfortunately we missed the NY screenings earlier this year, but there are some others coming up in Florida, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and Oregon, so check them out if you’re in the area!

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