Kansas City Gets Speedy

Google announced the launch of Google Fiber today with this clever promotional video. 

Google Fiber is an infrastructure initiative by the company which claims that — on average — it brings connection speeds 100 times faster than typical broadband access. Kansas City was chosen as its first rollout destination after a national search for the “best” community to develop it in.

Via Google:

Google Fiber is 100 times faster than today’s average broadband. No more buffering. No more loading. No more waiting. Gigabit speeds will get rid of these pesky, archaic problems and open up new opportunities for the web. Imagine: instantaneous sharing; truly global education; medical appointments with 3D imaging; even new industries that we haven’t even dreamed of, powered by a gig.

This doesn’t mean that residents have immediate access to Google Fiber. Instead, neighborhoods that reach a threshold of signups will be prioritized to receive it. 

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