Court Limits Media Access to Information in Colorado Shooting Case →

The LA Times reports that the Colorado court that’s overseeing the case of alleged Aurora shooter James Homes has begun limiting media access to information and the proceedings.

Via the LA Times:

District Court Judge William Blair Sylvester, who is overseeing the case, has issued a series of rulings that have effectively cut back on the media exposure.

On Monday, the judge issued a gag order barring the defense team, the prosecution team and law-enforcement agencies involved in the case from speaking to the media.

On Wednesday, the judge reaffirmed his original order after several media outlets, lead by Fox and the Denver Post, reported that Holmes had sent a notebook to a psychiatrist at the University of Colorado Denver, Anschutz campus.

Sylvester on Monday also signed an order barring the university, where Holmes was a former graduate student in the neuroscience program, from releasing any records about the defendant. Several news organizations, including the Los Angeles Times and the Associated Press, have filed requests for the records…

…It is not unusual for the legal system to try to prevent a jury pool from being tainted by material that may not be allowed in evidence in what could be a death penalty case. Nor is it all that unusual for media outlets to sue to get more access or even for lawyers to be gagged for some of the same reasons that a judge might want to protect a jury pool. 

LA Times, Colorado judge bars school from releasing James Holmes documents.

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