OpenNews: Four global news organizations make the case for becoming a Knight-Mozilla Fellow


This week, four news partners that will host 2013 Knight-Mozilla Fellows made their pitch for why they’re involved with the Knight-Mozilla Fellowship program, what they’re hoping to do with their fellows, and why applying to become one may be the best thing you do this week.

FJP: We’ve mentioned this before and we’ll mention it again but if you’re interested in coding the future of news, apply for Knight-Mozilla Fellowship.

The fellowship places you into operating newsrooms where you’ll get hands-on experience working with news apps.

In Daniel’s post, we hear from Aron Pilhofer of the New York Times, Scott Klein of ProPublica, Chris Marstall of the Boston Globe and team from La Nacion in Argentina about what they’ll do with incoming fellows.

Take a deep breath then hurry, you have about two more weeks to apply

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