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Digital Surveillance, 1975 Edition

We post about government surveillance and digital monitoring fairly frequently here. For example, how the US government can intercept and suck down 20 terabytes of information per second.

While at the Newseum on Monday, I came across this 1975 report from NBC News about ARPANET, the world’s first network and precursor to the Internet. In it, we’re warned about the government’s new surveillance capabilities.

Via the Newseum:

There was little television reporting on the early development of the Internet. In this 1975 NBC report on ARPANET (funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), the technical promise of what would become the World Wide Web was not yet in focus. Instead, viewers were warned that citizens’ private data could be sent via phone line from one government computer to another.

If they knew then what we know now.

Sound quality’s a little shoddy (recorded it with the voice memo app on my phone) but give a listen. Runs 90 seconds or so. — Michael

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