Obama, Romney agree to Univision forums


As we have previously noted, Univision wanted to host a Latino-themed US Presidential debate this fall but the proposal was soon declined by the Debate Commission. Now, it looks like they kept flexing their muscle hard enough and finally got away with it (in a way).

Via Politico:

President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have accepted Univision’s invitation to attend forums focusing on Latino issues, albeit on separate nights.

The “Meet The Candidate” events, hosted by Univision anchors Jorge Ramos and María Elena Salinas in front of live audiences, will “directly address topics of importance to the Hispanic community in Spanish and English,” according to a press release. The events are being co-sponsored by Facebook; the dates have not been determined.

Right after the announcement, Jorge Ramos tweeted:

It’s official. President Obama and Governor Romney agree to talk to Univision, on 2 different events, about Hispanic issues. Gracias!!!

FJP: Both Facebook and Univision are both well established throughout Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. Expect an extensive coverage of both events in most Spanish-language media and social networks.

From one FJP to Another: Excellent news. Shame though it’s not a debate but more of cocooned appearances.

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