This Photo Isn't Real →

This morning we posted a photo from the RNC that shows a “We Built This” sign underneath the national debt clock. 

Good ironic humor that. Unfortunately, as BuzzFeed points out, the photo is a fake. 

We’ve updated the original post to indicate the error. 

With 2,400 notes attached to it and counting, we’re confronted with the social media conundrum of how to reel it back in.

Craig Silverman’s one of the best thinkers around in this regard and recently wrote up some ideas at Poynter:

We will always make mistakes. The process of gathering, packaging, editing and publishing/broadcasting news is rife with opportunities for things to go wrong. Every part of the process has potential points of failure.

Preventing mistakes is of huge importance, but so too is setting the stage to correct them quickly and fully by taking advantage of the networked news environment. Doing so not only meets our obligations to the public, but can in fact build trust and help us feel better about our work as journalists. Bottom line: corrections are important.

Read through for his advice on what to do when the errors get you.

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