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Via the Atlantic:

Whatever the domestic impact of actor-director Clint Eastwood’s speech endorsing Romney at the Republic National Convention last night, it’s having a surprisingly robust international life. After bouncing around Iranian Facebook communities, which treated it with suspicious befuddlement, the Chinese Internet is putting the speech, perhaps somewhat characteristically, to much more practical use. 

At least one of China’s many English-learning sites,, has posted audio and the transcript of the much-derided speech, so that its readers can use it to practice their English listening and reading comprehension. “Audio and transcript for Clint Eastwood’s Speech at 2012 U.S. Republican Party National Convention,” reads the Chinese-language header, according to Beijing-based Atlantic writer Helen Gao. The site’s English header announces, “Gelivable English Langauge Teaching: Exchange Cooperation Model Innovation.” I don’t know what that means, either.

These sorts of websites are prolific, and typically use BBC, NPR, or CNN recordings, Helen explained. U.S. government-sponsored soft power outlet Voice of America is a favorite of English-learners, she said, because the reporters tend to speak slowly. 

Bits of American media will occasionally float, like linguistic driftwood, into China’s vast industry of English-teaching tools. There’s a book, for example, that uses side-by-side translations of the 2008 democratic primary debates, as well as a DVD recording, to teach American English and related mannerisms. 

FJP: If any English language learners decipher the speech, hit us up. We’d love to know what it was all about.

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