A person who is bored of Reddit, is a person who is bored of life.

So wrote Benji Lanyado in an email yesterday. His latest project, Reddit Edit, pulls the three most popular links from six of Reddit’s most popular sections (or Subreddits, as they’re called).

The Subreddits — Politics, Worldnews, Technology, Science, Pics and Reddit’s front page — each boast a large portion of the site’s community and, according to Lanyado, showcase the users’ extraordinary ability to discover news.

And that discovery is all Reddit Edit is — the articles, pictures, etc. that users are most interested in. The community is fueled by its discussion, but the discussion is about the incredible pieces that Reddit Edit gives you.

What differentiates Reddit from similar sharing hubs like, say, Twitter, is that links only become popular if they receive more upvotes than the rest of the flood. It has nothing to do with the uploader. It’s a user determined front page, and according to Benji:

The upvoting and downvoting means that a kind of natural selection happens on Reddit - you get a sense of what a large body of web consumers are interested in, rather than niche stories being pushed by individuals with large followings. On Reddit, all users are equal. 

FJP: For another one of our talks with Benji, see here.

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