Forest of Advocacy

A collaboration between LazerLAB and Northeastern University’s Centers for Computational Social Science and Digital Humanities is releasing weekly political data visualizations between now and the 2012 election.

Here’s what they say about their first:

Our first family of visualizations is the “Forest of Advocacy.”

These visualizations provide a dynamic look at the partisan tilt of giving within organizations. For each organization, individuals are characterized as points sketching out a line over time. The X axis is time, and the Y axis represents the net partisan tilt of contributions over the preceding 6 months. Over the decades, one sees lines sketched out, reflecting the partisanship of individuals over time. For each organization, we also provide the net contributions of the entire organization, and the names of biggest Democratic, Republican, and “bipartisan” contributors (the individual with the highest product of Democratic and Republican contributions).

The visualizations are broken down by organization (eg., the ACLU, Goldman Sacks) with a video like the one above and static visualizations accompanying each.

H/T: Information Aesthetics.

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