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Fans of Anthony De Rosa (Soup) and Matthew Keys (ProducerMatthew) should brush up their resumes. They have a job for you over at Reuters.

Via soupsoup:

Reuters seeks a community manager to help facilitate robust and stimulating discussion of the news we deliver around the clock and around the world. This person will manage the discussions that take place across our internal ( and external (Facebook, Google+) platforms and come up with solutions for both hands on and automated quality control to maintain a place that encourages readers to contribute thoughtful dialogue.

The ideal candidate is someone who is encouraged by the idea of interacting with our readers, who knows how to promote content that will start smart conversations, who asks questions that will help facilitate and guide those discussions, and someone who won’t get frustrated or discouraged by “trolls.”

The job’s based in New York. Read Anthony’s full post for qualification details and contact information for applying.

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    #COM135 - read this job description. Understand something. Future careers in “journalism” may not be the cookie-cutter...
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    Fans of Anthony De Rosa (Soup) and Matthew Keys (ProducerMatthew) should brush up their resumes. They have a job for you...
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