Gabriel Sama on Infinite Online Space

We sat down with Rest of the World Media founder and Stanford regular Gabriel Sama to talk about newsrooms, and how they should organize themselves and their content. Newspapers have only so much space, Sama told us, and you can only fill so much of it with news. But when newsrooms publish online, they face something very different — they’re dealing with infinity.

That’s not to say they should try to fill infinite space, Sama says. Journalists should focus on what’s important today — whether it’s an oil spill or an attack in Gaza, a journalist’s work shouldn’t necessarily be confined to their beat. He emphasizes the strength of teaming up with other journalists and bringing multimedia into the picture at the planning stage as a way to utilize the infinite space we’re given online to publish timely, meaningful content.

FJP: Gabriel’s not the only one thinking about cross-beat reporting.

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