[N]ews organizations need to realize the game has changed. Being first with commodity news no longer registers with readers — and readers, ultimately, are the ones who pay the bills, to the extent bills are paid at all in our era. The more energy wasted pursuing obsolete bragging rights, the less energy available for what really does still register with readers.

So what’s that? Stories that require you to slow down and invest more time in fewer efforts.

With commoditized news, the lifespan of scoops is now so short that they don’t matter. But not all news is commoditized – and with that kind of news, scoops hold their value. Exclusive reports, investigative journalism, and thoughtful long-form features can’t be quickly matched or hollowed out by a competitor’s summary or retweet. There sportswriters still have a chance at a window of exclusivity and creating something that will stand out from the news stream and be remembered by readers – with credit where it’s due.

— Jason Fry, National Sports Journalism Center, How to Get Further by Doing Less.

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