A Magazine You Can Wear

T-Post Magazine is a highly designed t-shirt with a cover graphic on the outside and the news stories on the inside. Subscribe and you get a new issue (er, shirt) every six weeks.

Via T-Post:

The story of T-post began back in 2004 and the idea of creating an innovative news magazine. Usually when you read the newspaper you do it by yourself, like in the bathroom or at the breakfast table. We thought it would be exciting to try to make the magazine more public in some way.

So we thought; what would happen if we crossed a magazine with a T-shirt? One could print a news article on the inside and use the front to graphically interpret that news story. Just like a traditional magazine but with the cover story on a T-shirt instead. Suddenly the wearer would become a walking and talking headline triggering curiosity and engage in conversations where they themselves could tell people about the story on their chest from their own perspective. Perhaps even start a discussion.

We say: Clever. And if you like who you’re talking with you can invite them inside for a read.

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