Out Of Print 

Fun project creates computer-generated random headlines scrambled from news feeds which are then printed with traditional techniques and sent via Twitter:

The invention of the printing press is the finest example of how a shift in technology can change the way we communicate. In the 21st century, digital technology has become the defining force shaping society; changing the way we live, interact and consume information.

With the growth of digital media we are now faced with unprecedented levels of data. We find ourselves at a saturation point. By attempting to consume ever more, we end up understanding less. How do we make sense of all the information we consume and not get lost in the process? Through the use of traditional printing techniques we explore this question.

By using live online news feeds we are building a digital application that generates seemingly random headlines; these will then be printed using a custom-built letterpress. The prints will form a growing collection exhibited as part of the installation.

More about the project here

FJP: Heart.

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