It was late last year when we saw the first job posting promising a free iPod just for agreeing to come in for an interview. Even boozy informal “hacker” get-togethers were collecting multiple “sponsors,” driving the hackers to arrange social events practically in secret, to avoid being harassed by desperate would-be employers. A company called DeveloperAuction has actually begun auctioning qualified software developers to the highest bidder.

David Wood, Forbes. An Insider’s View Of Silicon Alley’s Talent Feeding Frenzy.

Silicon Alley, New York City’s version of that other place out in California, has its perks. Woods, CTO of Jun Group, writes that it’s a very good time to be a talented, temporarily unemployed developer in New York. But that was a bit of a given, wasn’t it? Anyway, the numbers are surprising.

More from Wood:

This has been particularly pronounced in New York, where entrepreneurs, enticed by free-flowing VC money and local successes like Tumblr and OMGPOP, have started 500 new technology companies in five years, creating a 29 percent jump in technology-related jobs. To put that number in perspective, it’s eight times the growth rate of the city’s total employment.

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