damnitnatalie asked: Hi, I do not know if you have previously answered questions similar to this before, but do you know of or recommend any programs or opportunities for high school students who are interested in potentially pursuing a career in journalism (specifically newspaper journalism)?

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You can always use HSJ’s scholarship search system to look for high school scholarships. Another thing to think about is essay contests (ask your school writing center staff or guidance counselor about this), which are often rewarded with opportunities for mentoring, conferences, and money. They’re not all journalism persay, but deal with history, research, politics—and are great for developing your writing and interviewing skills.

For example, the Mayborn National History Writing Contest asks for “a factual account of a person who left a deep and lasting legacy in his or her community.” 

Also, the Society for Professional Journalists does a high school essay contest. Look out for what next year’s details are.

Other resources to look into:

Finally, here is a list we compiled from a similar question asked some time ago. They are not specifically for high school students but useful to look through to (1) get an idea of what you might plan to apply for as you develop your career and (2) see what’s necessary to apply in college, should you choose to, so you can work on a portfolio sooner than later.

Specifically, look into the Campus Progress Journalism Network, which again, is aimed at college students, but to earn their grant, thinking and working on a project well ahead of time is a good idea.

Hope that helps a little bit!

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