Whether we are dealing with a historian or an economist, a surgeon or a reporter, we need to understand how these professionals go about their work so that they can with some confidence, put forth a proposition that they believe to be true. If we do not trouble to understand the method–say, that of a blogger versus a trained reporter, or a barber versus a board-certified surgeon–then our chances of ascertaining truth are sharply reduced.

Howard Gardner, as quoted in my reflections on last week’s Poynter Ethics Journalism Symposium. 

We’ve published the reflection over at our brand-new theFJP.org, which we also launched last week.

So head on over to read: “Reflections on the #PoynterEthics Journalism Symposium from a Starry-Eyed Attendee" -Jihii

(Starry-eyes refers to this embarrassing post.)

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