If you’re a baseball junky you’ll love Pennant, an iPad app that visualizes every play from every Major League baseball game played since 1951. 

The app was created by Steve Varga for his Master’s of Fine Arts in Design and Technology thesis at Parsons in NYC.

The past century has seen a rapid progression in the way we see and experience live sports. As we now find ourselves with access to every live game detail imaginable across a multitude of devices, we must now ask ourselves the question “Where does all of this information go?” Pennant is both an attempt to explore the vast amount of baseball data that has been collected in the last sixty years as well as a study in using interactivity as a means for investigating the extremely large data sets that are becoming increasingly available.

Baseball not quite your thing? Think of this as a prototype of what could be done with deep data sets such as those coming out of the Open Gov movement.

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