Legacy Media Strikes Back →

We noted the other day that mainstream media now drives Twitter trends. A new report out of the UK expands on that and suggests that legacy media is dominating online discussion.

This makes sense in a way. With so many source options available, Users trend toward the tried and known.

Via MediaWeek:

James Smythe, general manager at UKOM, said: “Over the last seven years, we have seen media owners  significantly rise in our Top 50 rankings. Clearly they own the very best content and people are responding to that.

"With hindsight, I’m sure a few media owners probably wish they had charged for their content from the beginning. 

"I think the question of ‘trust’ comes into the equation. Brands are used as signposts and online especially there’s way more content than humans can manage so people look for ones they know and trust."

As a somewhat related aside: Both legacy and new-ish media brands are increasing their absolute content production.

I went to a hyperlocal news panel a few days ago at the New York Times. AOL’s Patch President Warren Webster quite happily announced that the network is now publishing a new piece of content every 15 seconds.

That’s 240 new items an hour, as Kevin Grant noted. 

Flood the content ecosystem and you’re bound to get SEO/search results. Tough to compete with that. — Michael.

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