Google’s Algorithm Update Zaps Content Farm Cash Cows

According to analysis conducted by German Web monitoring company Sistrix, the impacts of Google’s Farmer search algorithm update has been a dust bowl for crummy content cash cows. Though affecting just 12 percent of websites in the U.S., according to Google, the changes have been immediate and blistering.

Among the top 25 spam sites, a traffic decline in the high 70-percent range is not uncommon. Ten sites on the list saw their traffic decline by 90 percent or more once Google closed the tap.

One of the hardest hit sites was Associated Content, which Yahoo bought in May 2010 for $100 million. Traffic to the site is down 93 percent based on data from the Sistrix database, containing 1 Million tracked keywords.

One name that is not on the Sistrix list is Demand Media, a company who many view as the archetypal content farm.

Via: Quora

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