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—Inside the Libyan Diaspora's Resistance Movement

For some journalists working for Western news organizations, the MENA uprisings are more than a fascinating story but a deeply personal one as well.

NPR’s On the Media Producer Sarah Abdurrahman discusses how she worked with others from the Libyan diaspora to source news, and connect sources with news organizations.

Here’s some of what she has to say:

Libya is one of the most closed-off societies and, and one of the most difficult places to get information in and out of. And if I have people that I can get in touch with there and get information out to put a spotlight on it then, I mean, it - it’s a duty. There’s no question. I’ve purely been trying to get the information out. And if the people that are around me want to make comments about it, editorialize, retweet, do what they want with it, that’s fine. But I still do recognize my role as a journalist and that I can’t get too involved in that regard.

Run time: 11:25 

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