Anthony De Rosa: Learn by Doing

We’re all up-and-comers, in one way or another. And whether it’s as a reporter or a developer, those who want to be a part of the journalism industry from now on will need several (or in some cases, many) technology-based skills.

In this video, Reuters’ Anthony De Rosa tells us some of his early professional history — how he got into coding as a side-job, which led him to learn a few Adobe programs. He learned by doing, which is the first important thing to remember. The second: he learned from others, through networking and informal mentorships.

Increasingly, you’ll grow your professional skill set with the help of friends and through colleagues, not institutional processes. You won’t necessarily be assigned or told what you’ll need to know. Follow your interests, and reach out to those who are a few steps ahead. They’ll help you, and you’ll help them.

The best part? All the time you spent playing in Photoshop may look good on your CV.

See our other video with Anthony here, and check back for another later this week.

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