Arianna Strikes Back →

Earlier today we noted an article in which Bill Keller, Executive Editor of the New York Times, took the Huffington Post to task for the way in which it aggregates content.

Later in the day, Arianna struck back:

I wonder what site he’s been looking at. Not ours, as even a casual look at HuffPost will show. Even before we merged with AOL, HuffPost had 148 full-time editors, writers, and reporters engaged in the serious, old-fashioned work of traditional journalism. As long ago as 2009, Frank Rich praised the work of our reporters in his column. Paul Krugman more recently singled out the work of our lead finance writer. Columbia Journalism Review has credited our work for advancing the public’s understanding of the national foreclosure crisis, and a pair of our Washington reporters recently received a major journalism prize. Matthew Yglesias, Felix Salmon, Catherine Rampell, are among the many others who have cited the work of our reporters. Did Keller not notice that? 

She goes on but we leave it at that.

It’s not our purpose here to amplify snark fights in the media space. But, with a high profile attack against her, we think it right to note her response.

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