Meanwhile, from the CPJ

Alerts over the past few days from the Committee to Protect Journalists.

  • Libya: CPJ has documented more than 50 attacks on the press since political unrest erupted in Libya last month. They include two fatalities, a gunshot injury, 33 detentions, five assaults, two attacks on news facilities, the jamming of Al-Jazeera and Al-Hurra transmissions, at least three instances of obstruction, and the interruption of Internet service. At least six local journalists are missing amid speculation they are in the custody of security forces.
  • Gaza: Hamas security forces raided media bureaus, assaulted journalists, and confiscated journalistic materials in Gaza today, punctuating another day of anti-press attacks in the restive region.
  • Yemen: Authorities expelled two Al-Jazeera correspondents, continuing a pattern of ousting international reporters.
  • Uganda: The forces attacked about a dozen journalists covering a protest rally in Jinja, eastern Uganda, organized by three opposition parties on March 11, according to local journalists. 
  • Bahrain: Bahraini authorities expelled a CNN reporter and briefly detained another international reporter on Wednesday amid an intensified crackdown on political unrest.

This is what reporters go through to get the rest of us the news.

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