What's in a Map →

Maps don’t just help the geographically challenged. They provide context and understanding to complex events.

For example, this New York Times map of Libya updates daily to create an evolving timeline. A different implementation of the same technique can be seen by this Wall Street Journal map.

Over on CNN, producers use maps not just help visitors understand where the story is taking place, but to create an interactive storytelling platform through which viewers can watch videos and access other types of content content.

“The data-driven interactives take a lot of time and teamwork to produce, but they have the greatest value and generate good traffic and time-spent on the site,” USA Today’s senior interactive developer Juan Thomassie tells Poynter’s Mallary Jean Tenore. “I think maps are most valuable when they tell more than just where a place is. The location can be important, but the context is really most interesting.”

Mallary has a great overview of how news organizations are using maps. Definitely suggested.

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