Local News Outlets Left out of Local Ad Spending →

Poynter’s Rick Edmonds summarizes the annual Borrell Associates Report on local media spending.

The “Top 6” local online companies in ad revenue have abundant local content — but none of it is news. Instead, the ads and associated shopping information are the content.

This confirms a thesis both my State of the Media colleagues and Borrell have advanced for some years — that many Internet users looking for a product or service have no interest in accompanying news content. The ads are, in effect, “unbundled” from news

…Legacy news sites, including Gannett, New York Times, McClatchy, Tribune, Hearst and The Washington Post, appear further down in his Top 20 listing.

Of particular note, Borrell writes, are Autotrader.com and Groupon. “In 44 of more than 200 markets we track, Groupon or Autotrader.com generates more revenue than the largest local newspaper, TV or radio online operation in that market.”

Visit Poynter for Edmonds’ analysis. The Executive Summary can be downloaded for free from Borrell.

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