I think there’s too much emphasis on speed and feeding the impatience people have. … In many ways, journalism is not often enough up to the task of dealing with the dangerous and fragile nature of the world, or the community, or anything you might try to understand. [The world requires] high quality, probing journalism. And there’s just not been enough of it.

Bob Woodward, the Long-time Washington Post reporter (and journalism legend), speaking at Sciences Po in Paris about what he perceives as a “journalism bubble.” Although Woodward thinks that focusing on the profitability of news organizations will lead to more robust and independent coverages, free from the swaying influence of donors and their subsidies, linking journalist’s pay to site performance is extremely detrimental. 

Why try explaining what’s really going on at the Fukushima nuclear plant, or digging through the arcana of E.U. policy (even though it shapes the life of 450m people) if, two desks away, your colleague will make more money by recycling celeb gossip?

(Source: mondaynote.com)

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