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—BBC Clicki - On Privacy with Andrew Keen and Jeff Jarvis

What We Talk About When We Talk About Privacy

The BBC’s Click podcast (formerly Digital Planet) has a very interesting conversation between author Andrew Keen and CUNY professor Jeff Jarvis on privacy in our socially networked age.

Jarvis, who advocates the term “publicness” in relation to our digital lives, is all for the public data that swirls around our activity. He thinks individuals can choose to publicly participate or keep quiet — and private — on the sidelines.

Keen counters, saying that part of our humanity is our ability to maintain our privacy.

Meanwhile, Click host Gareth Mitchell and regular commentator Bill Thompson navigate their arguments.  

As we’ve noted before, privacy and the lack thereof isn’t just what we proactively choose to share. As this video shows, cell phone companies keep very active records of our geographic locations whether we like it or not.

This is an abridged version of the Click episode. The full length version can be found over at the BBC.

Run Time: 12:20

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