If Candidates Debate in the Woods... →

Republicans held their first primary debate last night. Those that appeared are barely considered long shots for the party’s presidential nomination. Needless to say, they received scant attention in the press.  

Via Slate:

The Times doesn’t actually name its first candidate, Pawlenty, until the seventh paragraph of a 22-paragraph story. The other four men have to wait another seven graphs before seeing their names in print. (The story’s lead: “A quorum may be needed to follow parliamentary procedure, but not to put on a presidential debate.”)

Pawlenty drew an early mention in both the Post and the Journal, followed closely by Santorum. But the other three contenders were again left waiting, a total of seven graphs in the Post and six in the Journal.

Adding insult to injury for Paul, Johnson and Cain, the Post devoted a greater percentage of its story to a Thursday op-ed that Pawlenty wrote for the Daily Caller urging his party’s A-Listers to jump into the race than the paper did to the trio’s debate performances.

Consider it as the GOP’s equivalent of baseball’s spring training… except that people actually focus on baseball’s spring training.

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