Latin American journalists of my generation who are heavily engaged in investigative reporting were strongly influenced by the good investigative reporting of the 1960s and 1970s, of the Watergate era especially… To see the evolution, or shall we say the involution of this great journalistic tradition, getting totally bogged down in triviality, losing perspective of what the business of news is about and degenerating into show business, is somehow depressing.

Gustavo Gorriti, OWNI. Investigative Journalism According to Gustavo Gorriti.

While the article above is new, Gorriti’s quote is actually from the late 90s when news was more or less a 24-hour-a-day affair, rather than a 86,400 second-a-day affair.

Looking at what tops the list of this week’s journalism gossip wire, we imagine he’s still pretty depressed. 

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